Architects plan and design buildings. They also play a significant role in the construction of buildings. These individuals receive adequate training in the field of designing buildings.

There are several different architect jobs under the architect umbrella. Let us learn more about them to have better insights into their job roles.

● Design Architect: Design Architects create plans and gather various requirements for building new structures. Their role is to conceive the overall design of a project. They interpret the needs of their clients, analyze the building site and come up with a design that would fit best in that space. The best architects in Panchkula establish best possible designs within the budget of their clients.

● Project Manager: Project managers are responsible for managing the architectural projects on behalf of their company. They also coordinate with the different team members to ensure that the work is being done perfectly. They have a great understanding of the architectural process and also have problem-solving capabilities.

● Interior Designer: Interior designers design the interiors of your home. Their role is different from that of the architects. They determine the arrangement of non-bearing doors and walls, pick materials and finishes. They also design furniture for their clients, keeping in mind their preferences and budget.

If you are looking for an architect in Chandigarh, hiring a firm that has teams of expert architects and interior designers will be a good choice. Besides the types mentioned above, there are other types of architects who offer specialized services to cater to the unique needs of their clients.